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Glebe Gardens & Inish Beg wedding

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This is the main body of your blog post. If we can give you once piece of advice, keep it brief.
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Emma & Patricks engagement shoot at Owenahincha beach, West Cork before their upcoming wedding on the 1st July 2017 at The Imperial Hotel, Cork City.
Pic. Emma Jervis Photography

Emma Patricks engagement shoot at Owenahincha beach, West Cork before their upcoming wedding on the 1st July 2017 at The Imperial Hotel, Cork City.
Pic. Emma Jervis Photography

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Maeve & Aidan engagement session

Friday, March 31, 2017

Maeve & Aidan came down to see me on Sunday for their engagement session before they get married later this month at the gorgeous Dunmore House Hotel near Clonakilty. I know it is going to be an amazing day filled with loads of kids, fun and laughter.


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Eoin & Criona’s stunning wedding day was held at Blackrock Castle & Innishannon House Hotel with drinks at Mutton Lane in Cork City. I loved shooting this wedding, it was so filled with love and fun. Thanks guys for allowing me to photograph it for you.

































































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During my residency at Uillinn I have been experimenting with 19th Century wet plate photography also known as the collodion process. It is an early photographic process, invented by Frederick Scott Archer. It was introduced in the 1850s and by the end of that decade it had almost entirely replaced the first practical photographic process, the daguerreotype. It involves making a plate on glass on aluminium which is covered with a layer of Collodion (the negative like old film cameras), this is then immersed in a silver nitrate bath, when the collodion and the silver react the plate becomes light sensitive. The plate is then placed in a plate holder and popped into the back of the camera, a 10-20 second exposure is needed to enable to silver to react to the light and create an image. The plate is then developed and fixed, from there it needs to be varnished as the collodion is very sensitive to scrathes. Here are the results of some of my recent work, enjoy 🙂

Emma Jervis albums_0601.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0602.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0603.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0604.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0605.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0606.jpg

The President of Ireland Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina at my studio in Uillinn with my bellows camera xxx
Emma Jervis albums_0607.jpg

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Brian & Valerie’s gorgeous relaxed wedding day was held at the stunning Liss Ard Estate on the 16th May 2015, from the minute I met these two people on a sunny afternoon at Hayes Bar in Glandore I knew they were my kind of people, relaxed and happy with a private and intimate day filled with laughter and love. Thanks guys for allowing me to share in your wonderful day xx
Emma Jervis albums_0569.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0570.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0571.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0572.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0573.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0574.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0575.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0576.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0577.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0578.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0579.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0580.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0581.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0582.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0583.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0584.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0585.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0586.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0587.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0588.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0589.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0590.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0591.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0592.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0593.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0594.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0595.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0596.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0597.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0598.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0599.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0600.jpg

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Karen & Niall’s wedding day in Ballincollig, Cork with reception at the fabulous Springfort Hal, Mallow, Co. Cork, December 2014.
Emma Jervis albums_0443.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0444.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0445.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0446.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0447.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0448.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0449.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0450.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0451.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0452.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0453.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0454.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0455.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0456.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0457.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0458.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0459.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0460.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0461.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0462.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0463.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0464.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0465.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0466.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0467.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0468.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0469.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0470.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0471.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0472.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0473.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0474.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0475.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0476.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0477.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0478.jpg

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Sinead & Ger ~ Inchydoney Lodge & Spa

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sinead & Ger ~ Inchydoney Lodge & Spa wedding, Clonakilty West Cork
Emma Jervis albums_0391.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0392.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0393.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0394.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0395.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0396.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0397.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0398.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0399.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0400.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0401.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0402.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0403.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0404.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0405.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0406.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0407.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0408.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0409.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0410.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0411.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0412.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0413.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0414.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0415.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0416.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0417.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0418.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0419.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0420.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0421.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0422.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0423.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0424.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0425.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0426.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0427.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0428.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0429.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0430.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0431.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0432.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0433.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0434.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0435.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0436.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0437.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0438.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0439.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0440.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0441.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0442.jpg

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Victoria & Jason’s Queensberry album.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A look at the gorgeous Queensberry albums Emma Jervis Photography supplies with her wedding packages. Timeless and elegant. The print quality is fantastic, choice of covers, page numbers, layouts.
Emma Jervis albums_0381.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0382.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0383.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0384.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0385.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0386.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0387.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0388.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0389.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0390.jpg

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Ed & Elaine engagement shoot

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ed & Elaine engagement shoot at the beautiful Bantry House and gardens.
Emma Jervis albums_0365.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0366.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0367.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0368.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0369.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0370.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0371.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0372.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0373.jpg

Emma Jervis albums_0374.jpg

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