So here it is…. my first music video! Eek! It was a few months in the making.. but it is finally here and I am happy!

Thank you to Niamh Murphy (Foxglove) for asking my to create it for her, it is her newest single off her forthcoming album.

A few months back Niamh asked me to create a music video for her upcoming single ‘shields of fire’. Having never made a music video before I was hesitant but agreed as long as she understood I had absolutley no idea what I was doing and was basically going to be winging it! She agreed as she had no idea what to do either! We agreed to muddle along together…. a Steep learning curve followed!

The few months that followed were filled with shoots, gallons of coffee, cosy fires, a fair amount of swearing..mostly by me at my poor long suffering Mac and lots and lots of giggling and laughing.

It was a dream to work with Niamh who was patient and simply gorgeous to work with. Thank you Niamh for giving me the opportunity to create something from her beautiful sing. I only hope it does it justice.

It was created using some old footage of mine from when I was a globetrotting crusty hippy and from Niamh’s actual super 8 footage from her parents and then fresh takes and retakes of Niamh here in Cork.

I hope you enjoy it x thank you x


  1. Ned Mac: wow xlnt vid and xlnt song ....... go ye x (04/17/13, 9:50 pm)

  2. Dave: nice :-) and honest :-), and cool. (04/17/13, 9:50 pm)

  3. wildsherkin: Simply beautiful! :) (04/23/13, 12:28 pm)

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